Barry Lyndon

Ryan O’Neal, Hardy Kruger, Philip Stone and Wolf Kahler, are the only four stars I know of, in this epic 18th century movie, from director Stanley Kubrick. Based on the novel by William Mackpeace Thackeray’s, this won four Academy Awards, a British Academy Award, and two more other awards that made this famous.

Stanley Kubrick, worked very hard on making this movie in 1975. Five years before he created “The Shining”, and seven years before he created “Full Metal Jacket”.

This tells about an Irishman, who served in a war for seven years, with British grenadiers, and Prussian troops. As he needed money, he had to get himself enlisted. The grenadiers were wiped out by the French in a single firefight when they marched across the fields. He was the only survivor when he joined the Prussians. After that, he and a officer friend went into royalty as he became an aristocrat. As he had never been like that for many years.

Around that time in the 18th century, in a way for people to die, they do the duel. Where they are locked and loaded with musket pistols. They aim it, target your enemy, any by the time the counter counts to three, they shoot. One dies by the duel, the other lives.

After marrying a baroness, they had two children. All boys. As they had family trouble, it took the effort on making things up when they have to change. And they did, just when the people in all in England, are equal now.

10/10 stars. And thanks to Stanley Kubrick, they are way better than the other two I do not want to see. “Lolita” and “Eyes Wide Shut”. Those movies are the worse of the worse!! But thank god this was good.

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