Priscilla Ahn- Fine on the Outside 

After an entire year of hope, telling fans all about everything on Studio Ghibli’s “When Marnie Was There”, for that MUST WIN in the Academy Awards, on YouTube and Google+, both that masterpiece and song didn’t won those Oscars. For Best Animated Feature and Best Song.

That masterpiece was nominated, but the song didn’t make it to the top 5 for Best Song. Priscilla Ahn, when she worked for Studio Ghibli on this very final masterpiece, she had the best song there is. “Fine on the Outside”. Tells you how your life is, and how much it means to you. And everyone loves that song more than anything there is.

Since that, I had to start to start over again unfortunately. Fans hated for what happened as they posted more comments. I did everything I can to save Studio Ghibli’s final masterpiece. But no one accepts Studio Ghibli anymore. Since “Spirited Away” won an Oscar and how Hayao won an honorary Oscar. But all anime fans do and care for Studio Ghibli the most.

The world today, isn’t what it is for what they love on now. Some people prefer the glory days better, than the future we are expecting today. With Hollywood going out of control, caring more on popularity, those guys stink!!

But this here, is totally beautiful thanks to Priscilla Ahn and all of Studio Ghibli that did this. 

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