From Academy Award winning director and actor Richard Attenborough, before he died later, he did this award winning work, on the actual person of Ghandi. An Indian politician to wise old man, who lead his people to freedom from the British Empire. For they controlled India and South Africa. From his time in South Africa to his assassination death on January 30th, 1948, he became from a politician to a wise old man. This was dedicated to all the people who did this, and wanted to thank to the people of all on India on this award winning work.

Ben Kingsley was Ghandi and was indeed, magnificent. For he acted pretty well in this Oscar nominated movie. Along with him, was Martin Sheen. Before or after he went onto “Apocalypse Now”. Also as a cameo, Daniel Day Lewis. Before he became famous in “The Last of the Mohicans”.

In that movie, it was terrible for colored people back then, for how they were being treated badly from white people. The British mostly. But treated worse for Africans. That was why Ghandi indeed, wise to very wise when he was saving his people. And indeed, he did. Ben Kingsley as Ghandi was totally great. And no wonder this movie won nominations in the Academy Awards.

Many people loved it, as some were inspired by it. One of them, Lee Daniels, inspired by this I presume, must’ve got the idea for “The Butler”. The same for “Glory”, “Selma”, and many African and Indian movies back then. For how colored people are, how badly they’ve went through, as both men need to be equal. Both Indian, African and regular man need to be what they are. Equal.

While Ghandi was losing his hair and getting his wise look, WWI happened as many British imperialist stooges were involved in power, taking over control, as they don’t want trouble. That was why Ghandi was on a journey to make India to become a independent country.

As India was independent now, and Pakistan was born, Ghandi went through a long way on his life. For as far as I’m concerned, 7/10 stars.

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