Sailor Moon DIC commercial

Related to the Hamtaro commercial, there was this also. Long ago before this all changed on TV today, “Sailor Moon” was a smash hit for anime fans. This was from the glory days when this was popular at the time. In all of North America from Japan. Thanks to them, thank god. It was around the time when the first episode of ‘Star Wars’ was out. Distributed by 20th Century Fox. Before things changed to today. And how Lego popular on that.

YTV had this once before everything changed. I watched that anime TV show every morning when it does. What was worse was elementary school. After watching that, I had to get ready.

When I looked at this, I was glad to hear about it. They say it’s way even better than ‘Power Rangers’ and ‘TMNT’. You can blast off with these anime girls. Like going into space with them. To the moon or our planets in our solar system.

I still like good commercials from the glory days like the 1984 Macintosh Computer. And the Max Headroom Coke commercial. But this and the Hamtaro one, show how anime is. How we love our glory days, as anime TV shows like this one, totally need to return to TV today.

We totally need our good TV shows to return. Than the ones here today.

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