The Maltese Falcon


From one of the all-time mystery crime classics, Humphrey Bogart was on a search for the rest treasures there can be. From Excalibur and the Holy Grail, to the Ark of Covenant and the Ten Commandments, there is the Maltese Falcon.

In 1539, the Knight Templars of Malta, paid tribute to Charles V of Spain, by sending him a Golden Falcon encrusted from beak to claw with rarest jewels—but pirates seized the galley carrying this priceless token and the fate of the Maltese Falcon remains a mystery to this day —.

Made in Malta, off the coast of Sicily, Italy, far down south of Palermo, the Maltese Falcon is suppose to be the most valuable treasure there is. A statue of a fierce bird. Since those pirates stole it away from Charles V, it had been a lost treasure ever since. Even if it can be anywhere, when you go around the four corners of the globe to find it. And you wouldn’t worry about a thing.
That was when it was found again, in October 1941 since 1539. After four centuries and two long years. From a gunfire murder on a Webley revolver in the streets of San Francisco, to an apartment in one whole night, greedy investors were onto this statue. It can cost a lot of money after searching for this in many years. Maybe generations.

After unraveling a spider web mystery, in a delivery from Hong Kong to San Francisco, the Maltese Falcon arrived. Wrapped in Hong Kong newspapers, in clothing and stuffing, it was the one.

As the greedy investors were arrested later, they changed a bit, leaving the Maltese Falcon behind. Humphrey Bogart as Detective Sam Spade kept it in his life. This was nominated for three Academy Awards, but was really good in the 1940’s.

Like the idol from ‘Indiana Jones’, this is statuette is way better than that. It’s what they call, ‘the stuff that dreams are made of’. 8/10 stars on this hit movie.

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