Top 12 Valentine’s Day picks

Valentine’s Day. The day on who you love, how you would share it. From a love bug that’s a ladybug with black hearts on it, and the lovers moon, Cupid can know that day comes.

Since I saw this cartoon once, I think about that every year. Cupid can be up in the clouds, like an Adolf Hitler or US General George S. Patton giving his speech out to his love angels to wish them good luck, and spread the love. Then march off like if it’s WWII. With it’s love tanks, weapons, arrows, fighter ships and all that stuff. It’s like his own Nazi Germany, only to spread the love out. And how they do it.

If this day never existed, he’d be gone, as love wouldn’t happen. It’ll be like George Orwell’s, “1984”.

His future vision where freedom becomes slavery….

where privacy is forbidden….

the past forgotten and rewritten….

…and where living people simply vanish. Winston Smith played by John Hurt, and Julia played by Suzanna Hamilton were the only two, to love and make out.

Unfortunately, they got into big trouble when they got caught. For what they did, was an act of love.

That way Cupid will know, love will still matter. We don’t want that vision to happen if this day never existed. Out of many that I’ve seen on love stories, I give these top picks for Valentine’s Day. Half on anime in English, and half on cartoons in North America.





1. “Hamtaro” on the episode, ‘Valentine’s Day’, and long lost ones English subbed. In this very first Valentine’s Day special, Laura made two chocolate hearts. One for her dad, the other to herself. She wanted to give it to Travis, but he was too busy. He didn’t had time for Laura’s gift. While that happened, Auntie Viv wanted her Valentine gift to give on Elder Ham. Two older hamsters having a love affair. Hamtaro, Bijou, Pashmina, Oxnard, Sandy, Sabu, Panda, and the rest came to help out. After that, they were awarded with sunflower seeds. And much were happy for what they got. (In one more episode, English dubbed, Laura had a chance to give chocolate to Travis. As she had the help of the hamsters. In the English subbed episodes, love was spread everywhere. By the time they got close to ‘Happy Ham Ham Wedding’, their last one was a contest. And it doesn’t matter if one wins love on whoever it is they do. They just got to know this holiday is all about friendship).

2. “Case Closed” on the episode, ‘Tragic Valentine’. Season 1 on episode 6 as it was after the big shrink for what happened. As Conan was still a young boy, he and Rachel were invited to a Valentine’s Day party. That was how all love can be, as long nothing bad happens. A funny part happened when a big guy kissed Conan by accident, thinking if it’s Rachel. Than besides cake, chocolates, coffee, some food and drink, and smoking, one of the guests was murdered. After smoking a cigarette, his neck was infected as he fell to the ground. Outside, dead. A case was solved during that time, as long as revenge on a holiday, isn’t a dish best served cold. After that and the credits, Rachel and Conan had a great time on Valentine’s Day anyway.

3. “Fruit Basket” on the episode, ‘Everyone Loves Chocolate’. This is my very first episode, watching this anime TV show. About anime schoolgirls and schoolboys as in this episode, they were given many chocolates on Valentines Day. Big ones and small ones. One of the boys was jealous as he got a little upset a couple of times. After eating a big chocolate heart, boy I hope he doesn’t get cavities. After that, passing a exam or test in school, she worked hard on her part time job. During her visit at a friends house, a story was told on giving. Even on Valentines Day. It was really interesting on that foolish traveler story and that goblin part in the end. And after that fairy tale was told, they all agreed that they would go to a hot springs at night. That is how you would care for on Valentine’s Day.

img_2027  img_2028
4. “Marmalade Boy” on episode 48. This is also my very first episode I watched this. It was Valentine’s Day in Tokyo as many chocolates were given out. A few things happened. And it happened to these schoolboys and schoolgirls who have been lifelong friends since then. One girl and a boy got engaged as after high school, they are to get married and move to Hiroshima.


5. “Kodocha” on episode 45. On this very first episode I watched, on this anime TV series, a 6th grade student which is a girl, as a TV star was giving out one chocolate to that person she cared for the most. She wanted to give it to him, but he was under the weather. He was sick as she had to find him. And she did as they came back to do their work on the studio. Then after that one chocolate she gave to him, she gave out small chocolates to her friends she trusts on at school. I really love this, as the same as the rest.

6. “Vampire Knight” on episode 2 of season 1. On this Valentine’s Day episode, and my very first, the schoolgirls love giving out chocolate to schoolboys on that special day. As long as the night class don’t turn into their true form as vampires. But there was one boy acting funny. And a girl who saw him change a bit. He avoided trouble, but there was no fangs or blood on this anime TV show on vampires.


7. “Woody Woodpecker” on the episode, ‘Date With Destiny’. From the 2003 TV show version of Woody Woodpecker, once aired on YTV, Woody Woodpecker and Wally Walrus had a bet together on Valentines Day. To have a date with destiny. As they got ready, they had to share and share alike while their friend was getting ready also. What was funny was how Woody shaved off Wally’s nose, as he had given himself a new look with gel. Same as Woody. Not only that, they were shaving their legs. At the end, Woody used Cupid’s bow and arrow as he made Wally and that woman, going out together. And it worked. But Cupid did made payback to learn his lesson. By shooting a love arrow at a badger, he had to get away before the badger could get him.

8. “Fatherhood” on the episode, ‘Love Me Due’. I saw this on YTV with my own eyes. An African American family celebrating Valentines Day as the father was gonna give his wife a very special gift. That will blow her socks off. It was a rememberable one I do not want to forget. It sure was too bad it got cancelled in 2005, but I loved that TV show. That episode was the very first I ever saw.

9. “Bugs Bunny’s Cupid Capers”. In this TV special on Looney Tunes, Cupid ran into Bugs. He thought he was Elmer Fudd, but he ain’t. So by working together, going through cartoons, they spread love on Valentine’s Day. Such as ‘Hare Splitter’, ‘The Grey Hounded Hare’, ‘Little Beau Pepe’, ‘Of Rice and Hen’, ‘Devil May Hare’, ‘Hare Trimmed’, ‘The Super Snooper’, ‘Rabbit Romeo’, and ‘Wild Over You’.

10. ‘The Stupid Cupid’ from Looney Tunes on Daffy Duck. They didn’t show this on their Valentine’s Day special cause it was made in the late 40’s somehow. Cupid acting like Elmer Fudd, he spread love as Daffy Duck was fed up with his tricks. But Cupid make him love. On a barn house chicken!!

11. “Little Bear” on the episode, ‘Valentine’s Day’. I saw this on TV with my own eyes. After Little Bear was sending out Valentines to Cat, Hen, Owl, Duck, No Feet, Emily, and Mitzi, he was wondering who was his secret admirer. And to tell you the truth, it’s a secret.

12. “Scent-imental Over You” from Looney Tunes. In one of Pepe Le Pew’s early cartoons which is this one, a female skinny dog was wearing a skunk fur coat so it can have a fur coat like all the other dogs. By instead, Pepe Le Pew fell in love with this canine, as he is too a canine. “Darling!”, she called out as Pepe Le Pew can have his ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day from osmovies WordPress!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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