Bridge of Spies

This Oscar nominated movie starring Tom Hanks, showed on how spies can be in different areas in the world. Since WWII ended on creating V2 rockets, a new war began. The Cold War. And it was a threat to global nuclear warfare. In 1957 during the time, both the USSR and USA have launched spies to find on what were holding their nuclear arsenal. When they captured a Soviet Union spy in the US, and a US pilot in Soviet territory close to Berlin, both had to exchange spies.

For where they did the exchange, it was in Berlin, Germany after the Nazi’s died out of power. There were regular German troops and Soviet troops, when it was the Berlin Wall they were building. To those who cross the Berlin Wall, will get shot.

Glienicke Bridge was where they did it. For a moment, I thought a stone bridge was where they would do it, but this was a iron bridge for where they did it.

After the exchange, both the US and USSR are equal now. 7/10 stars on this Oscar nominated movie.

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