Kung Fu Panda 3

It was very dumb in the beginning like the other two, on how Po, played by Jack Black goes AWOL in this 3rd installment. But throughout the movie, it was what they call a panda-monium in this. For a moment, I thought Mei-Mei played by Kate Hudson was gonna marry him, but they didn’t do marriage in this. But I was glad to see a happy ending in this.

Po and his friends in this, were now masters as Po needed to become a master. So he can train kung fu warriors to be good like him. Since that, when he met his long lost panda father since the 2nd movie, that was when things got better. Most of all, he is played by Brian Cranston. The father in “Malcolm in the Middle”, and again but different in “Godzilla”. And how he was the ill-fated criminal in “Breaking Bad” before his death when the series ended. He was really great as a panda father.

By taking him to a panda village, far up north in the mountains, along with his goose father played by James Hong, that was how life as a panda can be. Sleeping in until noon, rolling down the hills, as many baby pandas can eat so much. More over, they eat bamboo, and eat food with their hands than using chopsticks. That is how life can be as a panda.

Since Ian McShane and Gary Oldman played as two villains in the other two movies, J.K. Simmons was the villain in this 3rd installment. Not just a mortal but powerful, strong warrior, but almost an immortal. For he was a spiritual warrior. As he can control an emerald power, to turn warriors, into green stones and become emerald statues to attack.

Almost every animal warrior was caught. All except Po, Tigress, and the pandas in that village. With a special power that they learned, they were able to defeat him. I can’t tell you all what that power is, or what happened, but I can tell you this. Po, as a dragon warrior, was transformed into an actual dragon! Long, big, can’t breathe fire, as he is what he is. Almost like Dragoon from the original “Beyblade” series. (I had the song playing in head as I started to see that).

In this movie by 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks that did this, I’d give it a ‘C+’.

Since I’ve seen a panda monium in this 3rd movie, it was what I experienced on panda’s in media, as I did on my post. A while back. The top pandas there is out there, I rated on, and totally love on. Especially “Pandalian”. Almost similar to the ones in that, but totally funny. But both pandas in “Pandalian” and this 3rd installment, are both equal that we totally love on.

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