Dirty Harry (all 5 films)

“I know what you’re thinking punk. ‘You think did he fire six shots or only five?’. Not to tell you the truth, I’ve had myself in all this excitement. But being is the most .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world that can blow your head clean off. You can ask yourself a question. ‘Do I feel lucky?’. Well do you punk?!”

“Go ahead. Make my day”.

Those were Clint Eastwood’s words as he was fierce. Better than a James Bond, as a San Francisco cop that plays by his own rules, he does the shooting in a gunfight. From a rooftop killer named “Scorpio” to a “Dead Pool”, like that irresponsible superhero, his name was ‘Dirty Harry’.

Using a .44 magnum, a powerful revolver that holds six bullets, he can kill his enemies instantly in a gunfight. However, he used other weapons. Like a US Army bazooka and a harpoon gun.

In five films, he is what he is.

“Dirty Harry”, “Mangum Force”, “The Enforcer”, “Sudden Impact”, and “The Dead Pool”. Along with him, are Kevyn Major Howard since he was PFC. Rafterman in “Full Metal Jacket”, Patricia Clarkson in her early role, along with Liam Neeson and Jim Carrey. You should’ve seen them how young they were, when they started their careers in acting.

But the way he faced his life, his rules, his job and all that, he was tough. I recommend these movies, of that character is only for adults. And maybe to teenagers who love crime cop movies. He is so serious, since he killed a lunatic killer known as ‘the dead pool’, he can totally put an end to ‘the’ dead pool. That lunatic Marvel assassin who’s very irresponsible. More like a unitard. He can kill him the same weapon he did last time. A harpoon gun. Right onto that wall for him. Dirty Harry killing that unitard.

And I rate that these five movies, this only mark. Same mark I was in college. “C+”. When I watched them all for the first time, it was when I was starting to watch “Inuyasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time”.

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