Time loops can be confusing

When I first watched “Groundhog Day”, in the first few minutes of it, where Bill Murray winds up the same day over and over, it was confusing until I know about the movie now. Later on, I saw how funny he was, when he electrocuted himself, died in a train accident, car accident, got hit by a car, and jumped off a tower. Those are the best moments of him in that movie. However, when I think about for what happened in that movie, time loops can be confusing.

From a “Cardcaptors” episode, a “Ruby Gloom” episode, to that and “Edge of Tomorrow”, they can be totally confusing. For what happened in those, not only characters are to get the day right, but to make sure to stop this nonsense. On all this time looping.

Tom Cruise however, needed that power a bit, in “Edge of Tomorrow” to get pass the massacre beach battle, to the center of Europe in order to defeat all those aliens that have invaded when meteorites crashed into Earth. He had many chances along with Emily Blunt. By the time they were close, the time loop was all gone as he had one last chance. To defeat that source to put an end to that war.

Not only in “Ruby Gloom” on that deja vu episode, was like “Groundhog Day” where Ruby however, needed to get the day right, but related to “Edge of Tomorrow” however, was that “Cardcaptors” episode. Like what I said, in a time loop, there is the source we need to find. For what Sakura faced was not only a creature, that can control time, but a very old man on the clock tower. He was green all over, quiet, as he can control time by using an hourglass. They captured it, as it was all over. But I do not want that Li to get into much trouble. Just to be a friend to him.

Time loops, can be so confusing, you don’t want your mind go spinning out of control. You don’t want to even be like Malcolm McDowall in Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”. For what happened to him after the brainwashing, living with that author he beat him up a while back, he was on the third floor. As he was hearing voices, noises and everything, it was confusing him. His reaction made me think it’s like the same thing when time loops are like that. He was holding his hands on his head, getting those pictures and memories out of his head, as he was hitting his head.

I did that once to get bad pictures of my head. (The way he was holding his head, to get the bad memories out). Before it can confuse him more, he jumped out of the window as he broke every bone in his body to stop all that. That is how confusion can be when time loops can make you very confused. You don’t want to be like him to get the confusion out. Or break every bone in your body to stop all that.

Just be careful of how time loops, can make you very confused. Even if you are haunted by your past.

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