The Great Escape

From one of the all time classics, in escaping and WWII history, this was dedicated to the fifties and was a smash hit. With such an all star cast. Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Donald Pleasance, James Garner, James Donald,

In WWII, Nazi German troops took POW’s to a prison camp in the middle of a forest. American, Irish, Russian, British, Polish, and more. The Nazi’s were under the command of a German colonel who wanted to make sure no one escapes from the camp. There were guard towers with big machine guns, as the fence had barbed wire. At day they do that, but at night, the guard towers have the lights on so that no one escapes. Even when a Nazi soldier keeps an eye on the gates. To those who try to leave, get punished by spending time in a concreted jail cell called ‘The Cooler’.

So, by digging a tunnel underground, from a shack to the forest trees, passing the fence and guard towers, they made it. 76 POW’s escape the camp. The tough part, was getting to safety. Only three escaped by making it to safety. Which meant, ten were recaptured, as sixty three were shot dead.

It may have not been a success for all of the POW’s, but this was so good, everyone long ago and today loved it. Even for what happened when this was Oscar nominated. So I give this a ‘B+’. Great movie, as it was held over a few years straight maybe.

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