The Big Red One

From director Samuel Fuller, its “The Big Red One”.

With Lee Marvin, Mark Hamill, Robert Carradine ad a cast of others, this was totally Samuel Fuller’s “The Big Red One”.

Since World War I, a soldier played by Lee Marvin took a red cloth piece as it represents the First Infantry Devision. The number 1. Since after the First World War, that red one became famous. It represents the First Infantry Devision in the Army. They called it, the big red one.

When your in the First Infantry Devision in the army, it can be like first class to soldiers. 2nd or 3rd Devision can mean like close by, I think. But when your in a devision, this can deal with platoons, and squadrons of men going in a war.

When World War II was on, it was popular for the Americans as they were heading to North Africa. By then, they went to Sicily, Normandy, Belgium as they went all the way to Germany to take on the Germans. Four friends, as peach fuzzed rifleman, were under the command of that soldier who had that idea. He was a sergeant later on in WWII since he was a private in WWI as he lead his men through those places they’ve been. All the way to Germany to end this war.

Through North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, Belgium, and finally… Nazi Germany.

New recruits, when they are in the division, or platoons to that, they always get K.I.A. All except for the peach fuzzed riflemen as they pushed through. Along with others that pushed through and got K.I.A. in other places in Europe than besides for what happened in North Africa. One recruit almost lost his dick, when he lost one of his nut sacs in Sicily! Must’ve operated on him to get that attached back to his body. But for French soldiers from France, working with Arabs, they cut off ears of dead Krauts.

During the movie, the best part about it was how they found cash. In Sicily, Belgium and France. A bit of that from Germany. They found like $35,000 in 1944 since ’42 and ’43. That’s like rich!!

From the sands of North Africa, to the ruins of Sicily, the beaches of Normandy, to the green fields of Belgium and snowy forests in Nazi Germany, they take on Nazi troops. With their quick fire rifles, and one shot from a bazooka, a mentally insane patient helped them by taking a German submachine gun. He went crazy and killed Nazi troops. By spinning out of control in a circle.

By the time they saved a Jewish boy and some Jewish prisoners in the holocaust, the war was over by midnight. Hitler committed suicide by putting a bullet to his head. That’s for good riddance.

A ‘B+’ on this war movie. Released in 1980, as they did ‘The Reconstruction’ in 2004. For it was dedicated to Samuel Fuller. Who was born in 1912 and kicked the bucket in 1997. ‘The Reconstruction’ was re-released 7 years after Samuel Fuller’s death.

When I thought of the words, ‘The Big Red One’, I thought something bloody was gonna show in that movie. But it was okay when I saw it. Mark Hamill once popular in “Star Wars”, may have did something crazy in that movie, but I would dare him to do my ‘big red one’. He and I to a arm wrestle. And whoever loses, has to drink actual blood from blood bags, (for they used those in hospitals) out of my dirty socks. It’s my bloody big red one from me to him. Gross, but just to teach him a lesson for what he did wrong in his movies.

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