The Martian

“Bring him home”. Those were the words on that poster. Since Matt Damon was in space since “Interstellar”, Matt Damon spent two years on Mars after being left behind. On a routine mission on Mars, a crew had to abort the Mars mission as they headed towards their module. It was a storm causing the problem. One of the astronauts was hit by a satellite and was left behind. They took off, as he was still alive. As a botanist and astronaut, he had to grow potatoes, have enough food and drinks to survive, oxygen, and much of that to last for two years.

By repairing the base, fixing up things, he had to contact Earth and his crew to come back to get him. He was the only living man alive on Mars, as no wonder they called him ‘The Martian’. This was even based on a novel, as this became a hit motion picture.

At last, they brought him home finally. As he started to work in a college close to home.

Jeff Daniels in this, as he was a douche bag. If he never believes anything, believe in alien life out there. This was directed by Ridley Scott, the director of “Prometheus”, “Alien”, “Exodus: Gods and Kings”, as this was heart throbbing. On getting this man back alive. Along with Matt Damon and Jeff Daniels are Sean Bean, Kristen Wiig, Michael Pena, Mackenzie Davis, Donald Glover, and Kate Mara.

This won a couple of Golden Globe Awards. They mentioned this movie on that hit Discovery Channel TV show “Daily Planet”. Pretty scientific. I give this one, 8/10 stars. And along for awards for Matt Damon as a botanist, I’d give him a plant badge.

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