David Bowie (1947-2016)

As a singer like John Denver, David Bowie was the best man there is. He died on January 10th, at age 69. Two days after his birthday as he died of liver cancer. In his own apartment. People gave his place many flowers as there is than besides the ones, when Robin Williams passed away.

In David’s life, he was the best classical singer. From “Hunky Dory” to his final album, “Blackstar”, he did many songs. He even was in places like Berlin, Austria, and many places in Europe as a hit singer.

As a singer and actor, he made a cameo in “Zoolander” when Derek and Hansel were in a dance off, as you would’ve loved him in that. From that to “The Snowman”, “Arthur and the Invisibles”, “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, “Labyrinth”, and a TV movie on “Spongebob Squarepants” where was the king of Atlantis, he was remarkable.

There is so much I want to know more on him, and his songs. I heard one of his songs on the radio as I know that song. “Changes”. It was really good. There was a different version in “Shrek 2” when Shrek and Fiona were human. David Bowie accepted that in thar new version. And I accept that too.

I was so surprised to see him pass away when I saw a cover in the magazines. He had a good long life. It was nice they gave him thousands of flowers for his funeral. I’m sure he battled hard to get rid of liver cancer, but I do feel sorry he’s all gone now. However, he still has that smile in heaven.

I can imagine for where he is now, up in heaven. As the wind rises, he is a frolicking find in the flowers, as he is in the open meadow. On a sunny spring day. Where pink flower pedals fly in the wind, he plays gentle music as a gentleman playing a guitar as children there, would enjoy it. He is singing playfully, as animals there would dance to it.

He did had a great life. Totally. If he can hear me, and my imagination thought, that is what he is doing right now I believe in heaven. And if he can, it would be nice if he said hi to John Denver for me. And David, you are the best classical singer we’ve ever known.

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