Tanker railcars that can cause natural disasters

From a “Mythbusters” episode to TV shows, cartoons and movies I’ve seen a while back long ago, there have been many accidents that relate to tanker railcars. In that episode I saw, Adam and Jamie were to not only do an explosion, but an implosion. With the biggest prop they ever did, a a black tanker railcar, they vacuum it with hot water, locked it up, and gave it cold water. When it did, the tanker railcar got crushed by itself. It was the best they ever did.

When I look at that, it took me down memory lane on tanker railcars. From “Real TV” and “Destroyed in Seconds” on Discovery Channel to real current events, many tanker railcars can cause major accidents. I even saw that in cartoons and movies.

Tanker railcars are important to transport liquid. Mostly oil and fuel, but sometimes liquid nitrogen. But the way I saw them, they cause major disasters. Even in movies.

In two major disasters, two freight trains caused those. It happened around the time when I watched “Unstoppable” and “Super 8”. One big massive freight train, with tankers were derailed as the bridge was not stable. They fell in the water, created smog as they polluted the water. Killed all the fish as it was horrible. It took a long time to take them out, as they built the bridge stable enough to make sure everything was safe. Some of the tankers were derailed when the train crashed, just by the pond as they polluted the ground. The train drivers must’ve been in big trouble when this did. The second with tanker railcars were left in the siding as the brakes weren’t on. The black tankers at night rolled down the track, and created a massive explosion. It was a missile on wheels as it happened that one early morning. I saw that in the papers, just when I saw those two movies. Years later, they showed for what caused the disaster on Discovery Channel, and how Sandra Bullock or Tina Fey mentioned about that in her truth to stop pollution. Along with kids also. The driver responsible for this got fired, and was put on charges for what he did wrong.

It was scary to see that. As I saw “Unstoppable”, it would’ve been what happened in that true event. But luckily, Chris Pine and Denzel Washington stopped it. In “Super 8” on the USAF train crash scene, tanker railcars can still explode when a train derails after hitting a truck on the tracks. However, the way J.J. Abrams did the special effects on that movie, they were pushed out of their under frame, as the tankers came whooshing out, and exploding on the ground. Just when the entire crash was over. They contained fuel as they exploded.

Trains have to be careful with oil, fuel, liquid nitrogen and contaminated black waste as stuff like that needs to be destroyed. However, we totally need to be careful of liquid nitrogen. If tanker railcars were crashed, and liquid nitrogen started pouring out, we have to get out of there quick. Or we’d be covered by that stuff. And if we fall to the ground, we’d be shattered, dead. Oil and fuel are still important for what we need today. Not only tanker railcars are used to transport those in freight trains, but black sticky tar as well.

Tar, is also a good liquid source that tanker railcars can use. For we need that for building our house roofs. It’s still sticky when you look at it, but not when they are solid when we are done with construction.

Related to that, based on “The Railway Series” by the Rev. Wilbert Awdry, as it was created into a TV episode on “Thomas the Tank Engine”, there was what they call, a ‘dirty object’. Since Toby the Tram Engine came to the railway, James the Red Engine had been insulting him and Henrietta by calling them, ‘dirty objects’. He even hated dirty slow freight trains. Just before he can insult them again, his freight train went out of control. And by crashing into four tar tankers, he became a dirty object. By ramming into two tar tanker railcars, he was covered in tar. Black from smokebox to cab. They would’ve made him more dirtier in tar with much of that stuff. But the tar tankers were smashed to pieces. In that TV episode, there were four tar tankers as two were the ones James the Red Engine rammed into. The other two were okay and safe. In the story by that rail fan author, they were actual two tar tankers. He was brought back home by Toby the Tram Engine, and Percy the Small Engine as he needed to be cleaned at once. Toby was rewarded with a new coat of paint. Henrietta too. All James did was to watch Toby happily running off with the news. But he was cool covered in tar.

Since tanker railcars can transport other liquids such as water, milk, cream, toffee, sauce, and jam, trains do have to be careful when they carry those tankers. Liquids like these can make a mess, especially tar. But not oil and fuel. Totally dangerous. 

Al Gore, Tina Fey or Sandra Bullock don’t want another inconvenient truth to see tankers like that to happen again. To cause pollution in natural disasters. We want a nice green Earth than a polluted Earth if more of those happen again. So let’s be careful. 

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