An Officer and a Gentleman & Top Gun- Becoming a fighter pilot

If you want to become a fighter pilot, in the Navy or Air Force, you would have to know when you do, it takes a math questions to ask, and training to do. So when you’re in college to become a pilot, you would have to answer all the math questions.

It’s like your in gaming development in college, if you want to create video games. Like PS3 and XBox video games. It’s the same thing. Taking a lot of math questions to ask.

However, when you joined the Air Force or the Navy, you are enrolled into boot camp first. That is where all that learning comes and physical activity happens. And it lead me into two of the popular movies thanks to my dad.

“An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Top Gun”. Two of those popular movies in the 80’s we all know of and love on.

Richard Gere as Zack Mayo, in “An Officer and a Gentleman” wanted to become a fighter pilot like the way his dad was. He was even with him as a boy. As a man, living with his uncle, he enrolled into boot camp. That is where all that shows. Learning on how to fly, answering the math questions, preparing to survive and do lots of physical workout. With four to five friends, they were under the command of Sergeant Foley, played by Louis Gossett Jr. Where he asks if are you a queer or a steer. He even called him, ‘Mayo-nnaise’. And since graduation, they bid farewell as he left.

Now in “Flyboys”, the way they did dogfighting back then, it was all the old fashioned way. But still today, we have to deal with our knowledge on math while flying. And in dogfighting, you have to target your enemies and fly as hard as you can. Which was why after there is this, there is “Top Gun”.

“Top Gun” after “An Officer and a Gentleman” was released, showed how your journey to becoming a pilot can continue in dogfighting. When you are an actual pilot.

It’s still a total popular movie. Tom Cruise as Maverick, Anthony Edwards as Goose, Tom Skerrit as Viper, Val Kilmer as Iceman, Tim Robbins as Merlin, Michael Ironslide as Jester, John Stockwell as Cougar, Rick Rossovich as Slider, Barry Tubb as Wolfman, Whip Hubley as Hollywood, and James Tolkan as Stinger. When you’re a pilot on practising for dogfighting, it would be cool as you would have a new name. Like the ones they used in “Top Gun”. But careful, while practising. You don’t want to get into a bad accident. Since Cougar left, and Goose was killed while training, Maverick and Merlin had to work together in the final dogfight. That is how fighter pilots become who they are after the final dogfight.

It’s a fighter pilots journey when I watched those movies together. It maybe tough in boot camp, but the best part comes when you’re in the game. Since Zack Mayo became an actual fighter pilot, Maverick as a fighter pilot became also a instructor in Top Gun.

It’s a long way to becoming a fighter pilot. As long as you know your math, survival skills, flying, and targeting your MiiG 28’s to shoot. And remember, it’s a highway to the danger zone.

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