The Walk- A++!!! 10/10 stars!!!

For many acrobats, it takes a lot of practicing to do that, before you perform. In showcases, circuses, and out on the streets. Even for French mimes. Some acrobatics do that mostly in public.

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Unless if they don’t get caught by the police. But this was a true event in this movie. That actually did happened.

Philippe Petit played by Joseph Gordon Levitt is like Giovanni Caproni from Hayao Miyazaki’s final masterpiece, “The Wind Rises”, as he was on the torch of Lady Liberty. Telling his story of how great he can be in acrobatics. In Paris, France, he was a high wire acrobatic. He had been doing his performances in the streets, avoiding police officers as they love him do it. He even rides on a unicycle wearing a top hat. He even loves having his invisible magic circle created.

When he created his circle, the people around him have to be sure they avoid the line. Or get crushed by his unicycle. That’s the way an acrobatic goes. However, whenever there is a mime, he opens his door, and comes out of it. But the way he did it, it’s like how Anna visioned in “When Marnie Was There”. That Studio Ghibli movie like the book. How there is an inside and a outside. And Anna was on the outside before she met Marnie in that movie. And became really great best friends too.

At the time when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were being created, he had his dream to be on there. His dream was to walk on the high wire between the two twin towers. Of the World Trade Center in the city that never sleeps.

Before World Trade Center, he walked on a high wire, between the two towers of the Notre Dame cathedral. Everyone in Paris saw him do that, and loved it better than his high wire acts above a river.

For months, he had been training hard. By getting ready and having a team to trust on, they travelled to the city that never sleeps. In a few more weeks, he had been spying on the buildings, and preparing his plan. How he was gonna get up there, and avoid the guards before he could get caught again.

At night and by sunrise, they’ve set up the high wire. Tightly. When he started walking on the wire, that is when all of New York saw this. It took him almost an hour, to walk on that wire back and forth a couple of times, just when he was finished. He was very famous after that.

August 7th, 1974 was when he did this. In the first two years after World Trade Center was born. Before 9/11. On September 11th, 2001. This movie was even dedicated to the victims of the September 11th attacks in 2001. Very remarkable. Thrilling, and heart pounding, it almost made me feel like Haru from “The Cat Returns”. After her adventure, he heart was still pounding.

By the time his team returned to Paris, he stayed in Manhattan as he was given free access forever to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. He was all that there is. Stunning, very remarkable, wonderful, thrilling and heart pounding. 10/10 stars on this!!! A++!!! Like all the other movies I rated that were really great!! “The Wind Rises”, “When Marnie Was There”, and etc.

img_1816 img_1818

Although I do feel sorry for the real guy today, since they never mentioned on September 11th. For what happened to World Trade Center. It was such a sad day when that did, just when President George Bush declared war on Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. It must’ve been very sad for Philippe, that he may never see his most favorite place in the world ever again. But what I do know is that after Obama was elected, on the 10th anniversary of that, they made a monument there to remember those twin towers. He must’ve been very happy to see that. And he will remember his greatest time in his life. Must’ve shed a tear when they did this, cause he was so happy about it.

In this also, is Ben Kingsley. Who helped him practice as he did the greatest achievement, in acrobatic history. Philippe may have missed his favorite place in the world, but he did shed a tear cause he was happy when he saw that monument. For what Obama did that was remarkable.

10/10 stars and a ‘A++’ on this!!

Furthermore, Robert Zemekis was the director who made this since he created “Back to the Future” and “The Polar Express”. He made this very remarkable.

You may have seen many acts we know of. But for this one, this showed how he did it in his life. The most remarkable, and rememberable act in acrobatic history!!!

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