King Ralph

The Royal Family of Britain. Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Williams, his brother, his wife Kate, and their newborn sons. George and Charlotte. And other members of the Royal Family.

One day, after it was raining, they were getting a photo taken. With the electrical cords in the water, on the metal for the family to sit, they were all just getting ready to smile. With the raindrop puddles on the cords, they made an electric problem. With that chain reaction of electricity, the entire Royal Family got electrocuted!! Man, you should’ve seen it!

The entire Royal Family of Britain- DEAD. All electrocuted. A gigantic funeral was for them, like the famous pope when he passed away. Even for the newborns when they died.

With Buckingham Palace empty, many researchers tried to find who else is left of the Royal Family. One researcher did. Born with a famous British woman as the mother, a man named Ralph was now an American singer in Las Vegas.

John Goodman was King Ralph, in all of Britain as he was hilarious! He had funny ways of himself to make himself comfortable as they loved him that way. Except for Peter O’Toole and John Hurt as two famous British counts as they tried to make him become what a king is suppose to do.

7/10 stars on a comedy movie like this. Thanks to John Goodman.

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