Eddie Redmayne in a “Thomas The Tank Engine” movie

Since Eddie Redmayne won his Oscar award for Best Actor in “The Theory of Everything”, and went on into “Jupiter Ascending”, there was one I was surprised to see him in. In a computer animated children’s movie. 

He went into voice acting as he loved it. He was not only a villain or a scientist, but was a talking train locomotive!

Before the 70th anniversary of “Thomas The Tank Engine”, he was the voice of a train locomotive named Ryan. In a “Thomas The Tank Engine” movie. Released in theaters in the UK presumably, but was straight to DVD in the US. In all of North America.

In a animated movie like “Pirate’s Passage”, he helped the little blue engine find buried treasure, and meet new friends. They may have faced trouble, but who knows what could happen between the both of them?

After all, that TV series has been going on since the 1980’s. First Ringo Starr, George Carlin, then Alec Baldwin, Pierce Bronson, now him! Who knows what they might do next?

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