John Denver- Country Roads

John Denver, once a country singer, sang this song in the 70’s that was totally popular. ‘Country Roads, Take Me Home’. For a moment I thought John Denver was a bad singer, but this song is really not that bad.

And not only John Denver was popular, but Studio Ghibli really loved his song. That was when Japanese director Yoshifumi Kondō, an animator for Studio Ghibli created “Whisper of the Heart” as his only movie he directed before his death in 1998. Hayao Miyazaki screen played it, as they changed the song in that anime movie. Studio Ghibli had hoped that Kondō would become the successor to Miyazaki and Takahata. But it was good.

When they changed that song to Japanese and made new lyrics, two girls sang some new lyrics in a paper the main character created. A boy read the girls song and loved it. On that night when he showed her a violin, they sang the Studio Ghibli version of “Country Road”. Then came an old man and two of his friends that came along and loved to play along.

Studio Ghibli loved John Denver’s song of “Country Road”. Which was why they made their own version of that. Used in “Whisper of the Heart”. Both his song and Studio Ghibli’s are the best!!!!

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