True dog demon forms of Sesshomaru, Sesshomaru’s mother, and Inuyasha’s father

Than the demons in “I, Frankenstein”, demons can somehow grow to their actual size. Their true form. When a demon is in disguise as their human form, there is their true form.

For example, whenever Naruto gets furious into battle, he becomes the fiery Nine Tails. All up in flames as he can cause havoc to stop his rivals.

When you look at here, these are the two women Inuyasha’s father married.

The white haired woman is Sesshomaru’s mother as she is a dog demon too. Together, they can change into their demon forms as big white dogs as they got married. They made love as Sesshomaru was born. By the time Sesshomaru’s mother made furry but soft fur, it was beautiful. Sesshomaru and his mother had the big fur on their clothes. It was at that time when Inuyasha’s father left.

The black haired woman is Inuyasha’s mother. Mostly human. As they made love together, it was a beautiful moment. After Inuyasha’s mother was pregnant and his father fought a dragon and demons, a samurai lord took her to his castle as it was in the opening scene of “Inuyasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler”.

Inuyasha’s father injured in battle, was bleeding on a beach on a winters eve when the snow fell, as a lunar eclipse was approaching. The waves on the beach were crashing as drops of blood were coming from his arm. Sesshomaru was on that very night, why did he abandoned him. He didn’t care. He had three swords. The Tetsusaiga, The Tenseiga, and the Sounga. He was transformed into his true form, for the last time on that very night when he came riding to the castle. Sesshomaru left the beach as Inuyasha’s father roared loud. Inuyasha’s mother in labor was killed by the samurai lord, as it was to stop this. When the eclipse covered the moon, an infant was crying. Inuyasha born on that very night. At rage, Inuyasha’s father used the three swords to save his wife and newborn son. He wiped out the samurai’s men with the Tetsusaiga on a wind scar, as he cut off the samurai lords left arm. When the castle was in flames, Inuyasha’s father saved her love by using the Tenseiga. She was alive again as the samurai lord, with one arm wanted to challenge him one last time. When Inuyasha’s mother left with the child born, he said that the child shall be called ‘Inuyasha’. After they together escaped, Inuyasha’s father took the Sounga as they battled together when the castle collapsed. They died together as the two sons of him, were born.

Throughout the anime TV series, Sesshomaru’s mother, Sesshomaru, and Inuyasha are the only ones alive. Inuyasha’s father and human mother died since then long ago. But they were amazing. Epic on Inuyasha’s father in the 3rd movie as Inuyasha’s mother is totally beautiful. When you look at both here, Sesshomaru’s mother is similar to Inuyasha’s mother, as they almost look alike. Only different.

In that TV series, Sesshomaru and his mother are the only ones they can transform into their dog demon true forms as Inuyasha can just change differently. With red eyes, sharp claws and big fangs. Slaughtering demons at rage for carnage.

Inuyasha’s father’s true dog demon form.



Sesshomaru’s and his mother’s true dog demon forms.




 The only true demon form of Inuyasha.


They may look like the wolves from “Princess Mononoke”, “Twilight”, and “Game of Thrones”, but they are different. When you look at the size of all three, they are bigger. Three times bigger similar to the mother wolf in “Princess Mononoke”. However both creatures, are still the fiercest. Both these three dog demons in their true form, and the wolves in “Princess Mononoke”. So fierce, they can tear you up to bits like Sango’s pet cat, Kirara.


Thanks to “Inuyasha” and “Princess Mononoke”, its great to learn about demons and creatures in their actual sizes and true forms.

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