Strange Brew

Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas are like Wayne and Garth as funny drunkards in this classic 80’s movie. Two Canadian brothers who live in Toronto, Canada, made funny movies as they were hilarious!! They love drinking booze and beer as they fed their dog would drink beer. In his dog bowl. When they got jobs at a beer factory, they were able to solve a mystery behind the beer.

When they did, they were heroes.

There are funny scenes in it. One was when they made a movie in theatres, as they called it ‘The Mutants from 2051 AD” that took place after Workd War 4. Whoever heard of World War 4, and mutants in 2051? Hilarious. Next was the dog drinking beer. After that, the dog was in disguised as a skunk as he was flying like a superhero. Before that, the two brothers were underwater, as they found a solution on trying to breath underwater. And finally after all this, oh man, you should’ve seen it!!!

Rick Moranis as one of the brothers, with a girl were trapped in a tank as beer was coming in. There was no way out. However, all the beer was gone when the police and his other brother found him.

In it, he drank all the beer there is in the tank! He had a titanic burp, as he blew the door down!!! He was so big, he had to take a leak!! And he did, in just two minutes to put out a fire!! Man!!! You should’ve seen him!!! It’s so bad and hilarious, you would either throw up or piss your pants!!! Or both!!! Probably at the same time!!!

For a comedy movie like this, 10/10 stars!!!

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