The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

Steve McQueen and Yalphet Kotto are the only two famous actors I know in this 1968 movie classic. A mastermind crime boss, hired five men to rob a bank that he never met. The plan went well as he ran away with four money bags to Geneva, Switzerland. He had like almost a million dollars when he arrived. The FBI were looking for what happened and who was responsible for this.

If J. Edgar Hoover was in this that I imagine, he’d be hunting him down and looking for him. Putting behind bars. But he has his ways. He made an FBI agent drunk as he was passed out. Got arrested later until they recognized him.

They made a remake of this in the 90’s with Pierce Bronson, but I like it this classic version better.

Apparently, the FBI found him, as he took off in a jet just in in time. He got away in a flash, with the cash he and his men took, and disappeared. 7/10 stars on a classic movie like this. Steve McQueen had always been the same since “The Sand Pebbles” and “The Great Escape”. Clever enough to pull off tricks.

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