10,000 BC

10,000 BC was the most epic computer graphic design, live action movie that had ever told 10,000 years ago in the Ice Age times before Christ. Almost epic like the movie, “Troy”. Like “Conan the Barbarian”, “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and “The Ten Commandments”, this showed the very first hero, in his legend on his epic battle.

In the northern lands in Ice Age times, warriors fought mammoths for food on survival. The tribal leader as their mother, was very wise as she can predict things in the future. But when raiders took away people and killed innocents, she was very sad as half of the tribe people want the other half back. So traveling far into Africa, they went all the way to a civilization similar to Ancient Egypt.

They killed the emperor, but the most challenging part, that was totally awesome than besides the terror bird, is the saber tooth tiger. It’s face so close to one of the warriors, it would’ve torn him to bits. Like “Alien 3” when the dog alien was up to Ripley so close, as it sensed the alien queen chest burster inside her. So it gave her mercy.

In this are Cliff Curtis before he was the father in “Fear the Walking Dead”, and narrator is Omar Sharif. Since he was in “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Hildago”. I’m not sure on the rest, but they do look familiar. For as far as I rate this, 8/10 stars.

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