In time, people would believe in the future to what it would look like, as they use these time capsules. They choose items to place them in the capsule as they bury the thing in the ground. And after a matter of years, they reopen it and people get these things. But sometimes, when people want to believe in the future, they don’t want the end to come. Unless they have to know.

Some say the end of the world may come on New Years Eve. Especially if we have to evacuate.

In this movie with Nicolas Cage, he faced disasters upcoming, the dates and how many people are killed when the end of the world came in this thrilling 7/10 star movie.

In 1959, an elementary school used a time capsule for the first time as the students, were to draw pictures on what the future would look like. They did except a pale girl. She wrote down the dates of disasters, how many people are gonna be killed, and where. She disappeared after the opening ceremony. At night, police officers were looking for her in the school as her teacher found her. Her fingernails were bleeding as she was scratching on the closet door that the end will come.

50 years later, the capsule was reopened as new school students grabbed each drawing that the students of 1959 drew on what it would look like. The number of disasters page was sent to a boy and his dad who is a professor. It showed these disaster dates on everything. Plane crashes, train derails, the 9/11 attack on World Trade Center, factory explosions, forest fires, the bombing in Paris, cruise ships sinking, massive ice storms, blizzards, snowstorms, Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, the one in Mexico, the Ice Storm in 1998, hurricanes, oil rig explosions coming down, oil spills, and more.

It all began to change when they ran into alien beings. They were able to save enough people just before the Earth was destroyed. Instead of a zodiac that can be a sign of the apocalypse, or like in that comedy movie “This Is The End”, or a ancient South American calendar by the stupid natives, the Earth went out of orbit as it collided with the Sun.

And that’s how it all is on this 7/10 star movie I rate. We do not want that on a New Year’s Eve for all this to happen. But as what I say for as always…

After an old year ends, a new one begins.

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