Laurence Fishburne was Ellesworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson in this gangster movie. In the years of his crime before he was locked up in Alactraz prison. He and his trusted friends together, all African Americans take on the streets as they make a lot of money. Robbing banks and casinos and blowing up warehouses, with bombs on trucks they place in. They were like nearly unstoppable. A police captain and a private eye played by Tim Roth were the first two victims murdered by Bumpy Johnson. Shot in the back on the private eye and sliced st the throat on the police captain by Johnson with a switchblade by his own two bare hands. In the end after that, as a African American choir would sing ‘Amazing Grace’, he felt like if he was free when the rain came coming down. 7/10 stars on a hit movie like this. Along with him are Queen Latifah, Vanessa L. Williams, Ed O’Ross and Paul Benjamin. Before that, Paul was the librarian inmate with Clint Eastwood in “Escape From Alcatraz”. Which is really interesting. Vanessa L. Williams not only played a wife in this, but later on in voice acting, she played as Hisako in the English version of “When Marnie Was There” by Studio Ghibli. She was a friend of Marnie when they were both little, as she was a painter who loved the Marsh House. By that, she befriended Anna and Sayaka as they were looking for Marnie too. Believe me, she loved those three actresses with her in that very final Studio Ghibli masterpiece. Hailee Steinfeld, Kieran Shipka and Ava Acres in this. Finally, Ed O’Ross before he appeared in that, he was Lt. Touchdown in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”. He met Joker played by Matthew Modine, and Rafterman played by Kevyn Major Howard as he was the first marine to be killed in the city attack. Plunging into Hue City behind a tank, land mines were set off as a tank was destroyed. The shrapnel killed him from behind. That’s all there is, as I found this interesting. Which is why I rate this, 7/10 stars on this.

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