The Tokyo Tower

There have been many anime TV shows and movies for where they show a final judgement. At the Tokyo tower.

Located downtown in Tokyo, Japan, 1,092 ft high, that is where it is. Better than the Effiel Tower in Paris, this shows everything. Tall and proud as it can be at day, it can light up at night as everything you love on anime, is all there. Even when it snows today and in anime TV shows and movies.

In anime TV shows such as “Cardcaptors”, “Sailor Moon” and “Digimon”, each of the characters get visions in their dreams on a final judgement there can be up there. It cannot be broken unless the future depends for what lies up there. After that, it’s all over.

When you look at it, it’s just the way it is. It can sometimes be mysterious like what you saw on anime TV shows and movies that took place there. In some anime TV shows and movies that are rare, the tower collapses as it can break its top. But that would be too messy. We wouldn’t want that since the first live action G.I. Joe movie.

Anime characters like Sakura, her friends, the Sailor Scouts, the kids and their Digimon are the only things in common in those, as they dealt with that. They would all be up there right now, sharing their emotions and thought on that since their adventures. On how it can be up there at night, with the lights on, as they can take trips down memory lanes. And when they are up there, they can look at the view of Tokyo from above. It can be closed at night, as anime fans are welcomed. And after that, they go home as they’ve had a great time.


Spinner Sun: (yawns) “That was such a great time”

yep nice going

Jet-Jet: “Yeah! You were hopped up on snacks than that Kero”

you really let him have it

Lik-Lik: “Yep. Nice going Sakura and Sagwa. You two are really getting along together”

Sakura: “Oh yeah. We are getting along good together” (smiles)

it was nothing

Sagwa: “It was nothing”

The Tokyo Tower still remains there, as long as there are more anime adventures to it.

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