Chris Farley and David Spade- Like Abbott, Like Costello

In the years before Chris Farley died, he was a funny stand up comedian in SNL as he was in his movies. In two movies with David Spade, they are like the 80’s Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

Chis Farley would be like Lou Costello as David Spade would be like Bud Abbott. In “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep”, those were the only ones I found funny with those two.

Since Matthew Perry, Tim Matheson and Patrick Swayze, they were good with Chris Farley. But I think David Spade with Chris Farley were the perfect two hilarious nitwits since Abbott and Costello were alive. They were like Abbott and Costello, only funnier.

It sure was too bad Farley passed away unexpectedly as David Spade and the rest who knew him moved on. But they’ll remember him. When Patrick Swayze died in 2009, he must’ve met him again in heaven as they are doing that dance off again they did on SNL. The one where they play, “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend”.

But to David, he and Farley were like Abbott, like Costello.

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