Way much better than “The Tale of Despereaux” about nice wanting to become gentlemen, related to cartoon TV show “Country Mouse and City Mouse”, and “Stuart Little”, there was this that talked about mice in medieval times.

Out of all the authors there is in this world, there was Brian Jacques before his death in 2011. For what he created, was more thrilling than any story could be. This was Redwall.

A children’s fantasy novel series in the 1980’s as there have been 22 novels. But for what showed in those stories, was to show animals can be when they are warriors.

In 1999 by Nelvana, to like 2003, they made an animated TV series of it. Brian agreed to that years ago. Like the entire 13 episode story of “Silverwing”, they made three seasons. 39 episodes. Which meant in each season, 13 episodes showed the entire story. And those three seasons were based on three of the Redwall novels. ‘Redwall’, ‘Mattimeo’ and ‘Martin the Warrior’. They made a TV movie on the first season as it went along good.

Matthias was the name of a mouse, wearing monk clothing as he lived in a castle called Redwall Abbey. Like Downtown Abbey. As a young mouse, he lived in a village up north where his family was poor. Everyone were poor when they were attacked by rats. Each villager fled, as he and his sister were the only ones to leave. Their parents were all alone, as they were abandoned.

By traveling to the countryside, they didn’t stop until they got to Redwall. After his sister died, he lived there ever since. He did found love and knew the knight, Martin the Warrior. Secrets were untold about him as the rats came. The same ones that happened to Matthias years ago. Their leader was like a pirate as they were sinister.

And through the fire and the flames, illusions show how he as a boy who would become a knight. After retrieving things that were theirs that belonged to Redwall, helping out a gypsy and his wife, a circus, families and more, there was one more thing that was very difficult. The sword. The sword of Martin the Warrior as it had writing on it. ‘I am that is’. But when you mix it up, it’s ‘I, Matthias’.

A gigantic poisonous snake had it deep in the caves below the ground as he was enormous. In retaliation, he cut off his head. When he returned, after finding his sheild in a tomb, his sword holder in birds nest and his sword away from that, the last thing they found, was Martin’s armour. Body and helmet.

In a final conflict, he defeated them all including their leader with the help of friends and allies. And rats were to never again return.

And since then, new things have changed in which were no good. The second season, based on second book wasn’t so good as it can be uncomfortable. But I’m glad it had a happy ending after that. The third season showed how Martin the Warrior began, from a young mouse when he was attacked by vikings and pirates. In retaliation, he and a band of resistance fighters fought back and was a knight when he was known as Martin the Warrior. He died later since then.

Three of the novels into a TV series from the books by that author. I remember watching that on Teletoon back then when they showed this on TV at night. Rainy days too as they did the movie. I dislike the parts where Matthias goes nuts as how they ring that church bell loud. It was disturbing, but when he used the sword to cut the bell off, it landed on that rat leader as he died when the bell was destroyed. Good riddance for that. It was a while back, long ago when this did.
Like “Silverwing”, no merchandise. Just DVD’s on episodes, as they made the entire TV series to be complete. It was around the time when “Cardcaptors”, “Medabots”, and other TV shows are to be on DVD since they were shown on TV. I just want those glory days to return as I can show those kids all this than the future stuff there is today. Maybe or maybe not, but I’ll see.

In fact, they should make more DVDs on those. And as the author wrote in that book, that if you ever find Redwall Abbey, the roses will bloom early in the season.

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