Top 10 hits on baseball

In many movies and popular culture on everything there is on baseball, I rate these top picks for what they show on baseball. In movies, cartoons, radio broadcasts and much of those.

1. Abbott and Costello to the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine. In one of their movies, ‘The Naughty Nineties’, their TV show and radio broadcast, the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine has been the funniest part in baseball history. To tell ‘who’s on first, what’s on second and we don’t knows on third’. Jerry Seinfeld loved that as he was in a documentary once. They showed something like that at the Smithsonian. The transcript. And its still can be funny these days.

2. “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” movie. Like the classic baseball song, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly were in a hit movie like this as they were the St. Louis Wolves. The same team they showed in ‘The Naughty Nineties’ as Bud and Lou do the ‘Who’s on First?’ routine. Pretty good team, and really good classic movie.

3. Bugs Bunny on “Baseball Bugs”. A popular Bugs Bunny cartoon that when a team called the Gas House Gorillas faced the St. Louis Wolves, New York Yankees and more, Bugs Bunny was the only one to face them in the championship finals. ‘Screwball Bugs’ they called him as he was mentioned in ‘His Hare Raising Tale’. Even in flashbacks.

4. “Everyone’s Hero”. An animated movie showed how a boy named Yankee Irving, named after the New York Yankees, went on a quest with a talking baseball to save Babe Ruth’s lucky bat from the boss of the Chicago Cubs. And it talks too, the bat does. With the voice talent of Robin Williams and more, this was dedicated to the living memory of Christopher Reeve. The original Superman. He loved baseball since before he was old. As Clark Kent, he would hit the ball by the bat so hard, the baseball would go flying off into space!!!

5. “The Sandlot”. A childhood memory movie, after when a kid moved in and joined a baseball gang, they became friends as they try to get a ball back, signed by Babe Ruth. From the yard of a crazy dog. It had a brilliant ending after that. In this were Denis Leary, Arliss Howard and James Earl Jones as the yard man who was kind to those boys.

6. “The Babe”. John Goodman was Babe Ruth. As it told the whole story of Babe Ruth’s life as he faced baseball to be the greatest player, the Yankees ever had. So good, he could hit the ball almost far as Clark Kent would do, when he’s Superman.

7. “The Benchwarmers”. A hilarious comedy movie on how three guys faced bullies and teams, when they joined a baseball team to beat those guys. With Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder, they did really great, and were really funny!! From that to training on hot potatoes, they are hilarious!!!

8. Jimmy Neutron on ‘Retroville 9’. One of those Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius cartoon episodes as he made his baseball team popular, by making adjustments to baseball equipment. And you should’ve seen the way Hugh was getting hit by those balls.

9. ‘Little Bear’ on a baseball episode. Learning the ways of that, and playing the game, they learn to play that game as they did well. With Little Bear, Emily, Duck, Owl, Hen and Cat did played well. As long as one doesn’t hit and smash a window and get boyhood daze.

10. “Homer at bat”. A Simpsons cartoon that showed how Mr. Burns baseball team faced playing the game. He had half of the team with his workers, and popular baseball that joined him. However, things went awkward after that but went well. One got arrested, another got radiation poisoning, as a player drinking nerve tonic had a overdose and got gigantism, as one player was hypnotized thinking if he’s a chicken, when one was beaten by Barney, as Homer was knocked out cold, as one shaved all of his hair, another busy on saving woman’s stuff from a house fire, and one more finally, got spirited away as he vanished off of the face of the Earth. Like Hayao Miyazaki’s movie, “Spirited Away”.

So if you’re playing the game, running to bases and home, always have the cute cheerleaders cheering for ya, and don’t let a Gas House Gorilla be the umpire.

Anime cheerleaders (singing): “…first, second, third base. And finally…he’s…safe!!!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “You’re out!”

Anime cheerleaders: “Huh? What?”

Bugs Bunny: “Where do you get that malarkey? I’m safe”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “I said you’re out!”

Bugs Bunny: “I’m safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “You’re out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Out!”

Bugs Bunny: “Safe! Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “Safe!”

Bugs Bunny: “Out!”

Gas-House Gorilla (umpire): “I say you’re safe! If you don’t like it, you can go to the showers!”

Bugs Bunny: “Okay then doc, have it you’re way. I’m safe”

Yep. Baseball can have comedy parts. All except ones I hate and dislike mostly.

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