The Deer Hunter

This movie here won five Academy Awards. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Supporting Actor for Christopher Walken. Robert Di Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage and Meryl Streep star in this Vietnam War, drama classic in the 1970’s.

Three friends as steelworkers and deer hunters in Pennsylvania, face not only guns in games, or hunting games, but the horrors in Vietnam when they were plunged in the Vietnam War. After a big happy wedding celebration and a farewell, they were very happy. But in the war, terrible. After returning home, they say it’s hell out there.

One was lucky he made it out, as his married friend lost his legs after the war, when his third friend joined a gamble club. He went AWOL as he had a mental breakdown when he lost parts of his memory. The one who lost his legs wanted to change when his friend kept sending him money, so he can have a new life. The one who joined the gamble club.

During the war and after, there was a murder suicide game called ‘Russian roulette’. In which it’s frightening and terrible. Vietnamese and Chinese people bet on who could win when one survives. Then see how sad and horrifying guys do when they put a bullet to the head. With a revolver with one bullet, the referee spins it as it has 6 chambers. 5 empty, one that contains the bullet. With one click, you’re alive. With a bang, you’re dead. That’s the game. Potentially, very dangerous. Christopher Walken as the third friend who went AWOL and had a mental breakdown, had no choice but to put a bullet to HIS head. And he did. His head was leaking with blood, like if a pipe burst a hole in it.

Since the funeral, the epilogue and after the war, they did no more deer hunting since then. I like to think if they would’ve used those hunting rifles and guns, while plunging into the Vietnam War. But for what happened in Vietnam, was like totally a shit storm.

Like Bear Grylls in “Man VS Wild”, killing deer in the Arctic, hunters like these three had their rifles as they faced horror in war, for enemies can give worse games to play.

I rate this classic, 9/10 stars. Totally good! Some scary parts can show in the Vietnam War sequence, so I recommend this for adults only. 21 years of age and over.

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