100th anniversary of WW1 (2015)

It’s still the 100th anniversary for what went from 1914-1918 as we celebrate that from 2014 to 2018. Celebrations happened, for what was showed on TV and the Internet. From the first zeppelin raid to the battle of Ypres, and battles somewhere in Belgium and France, it went from all this to the sinking of the Lusitania. From America to Britain, the Lusitania was a passenger ship when it got shot by a torpedo from a German U-boat. It was terrible for the United States as it lead the president getting involved in WW1.

Some Americans helped the French win in wars, even in aviation. When they leave America to France secretly. By May 23rd, 1915, Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary. That was when Giovanni Caproni, a famous count started to build airplanes. Most of them were bombers that bombed cities as some never returned. By that after the war, he build airplanes that can carry passengers. Some he tested that were good, as others, not so good. To those that have failed as filmmakers film this, he would rip the film out of the cameras and throw them in the water. That was all thanks to “The Wind Rises”.

From Bulgaria, to Warsaw, Serbia and South Africa to battles beneath and above Hill 60, 100th anniversaries happened to those and famous battles as we go onwards to the end, we shall never forget this Great War.

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