Hamtaro on Cartoon Network

Way better than “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”, “Space Jam” and “Loomey Tunes: Back in Action”, this photo here shows the days when Cartoon Network back then had ‘Hamtaro’, that anime TV show just before it got cancelled.

In a commercial tribute to that, kids at a right age went into a white van into the city along with the hamsters, as they did it to themselves and Cartoon Network. By dancing to the ending theme song of that into downtown as everyone who watched it, loved it.

Yep, Cartoon Network had the best. Even movies and specials. All that on anime and everything else.

But now these days, fans really miss them. As they don’t like the future of TV there is, including me. Cartoons, reality shows, and series. We don’t love them at all, but the people today in our future like it that way. What can we say?

I sound like Danny DeVito from “The Lorax” when I said that. But when you look at that commercial, cue the music!!

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