Behind Enemy Lines

Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman were in this 2001 thriller action movie, about what would I be like to be behind enemy lines. In a final conflict between Russia and the US before their fighting ended, two Navy pilots together crash landed in Bosnia by Soviets. Using long range, heat seeking missiles, their fighter jet broke apart as they crashed landed. With the first pilot injured, got shot by a commander’s sniper elite, the second was alive and was on the run.

Avoiding enemy fire, under dead bodies, and away from Bosnian-Soviet troops, he was able to disguise himself as a Soviet troop. He had to get to a extraction point, so troops can rescue him.

The Navy admirals think he is dead, but he was alive. He was able to reconnect a tracking beacon as they rescued him. A firefight was in the end as they saved him. After it was all over, the pilot stayed in the Navy as the admiral played by Gene Hackman lost the privilege on commanding troops in the Navy. 

For as far as I recommend, 8/10 stars on this. 

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