Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd

Charles Laughton was at it again on being Captain Kidd. Only being serious and hilarious as he dealt with Abbott and Costello in a colorized movie. As it was hilarious in this, it was about those two running into him as they accidentally swapped a love letter for a treasure map.

A couple of times they did it, as he hated it. It makes him frustrated and furious. Other pirates who do anything wrong to him, get punched in the eye, cut on the hand, as he can knock out a guys teeth in a whole mouth!!!

Lou gets frightened of him as Bud wanted to help out. As they were cast at sea, out on a treasure hunt, they took on mutiny on Kidd as Lou was the new captain. Kidd was hanging upside down, punished as he was almost close to the water.

8/10 stars were in this. But to leave for what I hate, leave out the singing and dancing in that musical.

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