The Castle of Cagliostro

This happened to be one of Hayao Miyazaki’s early movies as an animator as he did a grand job in this, that made him famous as a anime director. Then came Studio Ghibli later on. This is one of their early movies to that studio. Lupin the 3rd, a flame boy thief, master in everything with his three most trusted friends, head to a European country called Cagliostro as there, lies ahead was a castle.

After running into a runaway bride, she happened to be a princess as she was to marry an evil count. So this master thief lord was brave enough to rescue that beautiful princess from a nasty count before he could marry her. Also, a mystery was told on money that they were making. Happened to be fake.

Rescuing the princess named Clarisse, away from the wedding and the highest points of the castle, he was a true knight in shining amour as he was a true hero. In which that I am very impressed, I give this 10/10 stars and a A+++!!! Really good!!! And I’m proud of Hayao Miyazaki for what he did to make this.

To tell you the truth, between two Studio Ghibli characters, Clarisse and Nausicaa look exactly alike!!! And I’m proud of that too. Way better than the first ‘Shrek’ movie, this is totally a masterpiece I rate! 10/10 stars and a A+++!!!!


And here is what I mean, on how Clarisse and Nausicaa look exactly alike.

riff-lick-cagliostro riff-lick-nausicaa

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