YTV- O Canada! 

This was the original version of ‘O Canada’ on the National Anthem. And that happened during the years YTV was a popular children’s program before Nickelodeon and other crappy cartoons took over and cancelled many good shows we all know of.

“Battle B-Daman”, “Hamtaro”, “Pretty Cure”, “Pinky and the Brain”, “Inuyasha”, “Dragonball”, “Uh-Oh” and much of those, cancelled away from YTV. All gone. “Pokémon” stayed until it was later in the XY series. After the first few episodes, that show got removed and transferred to Teletoon instead.

YTV is still a bullshitty channel. The way I grew up, it was perfect. Same as Teletoon before it got worse.

I remember watching and listening to this song while growing up. Before watching “Once Upon a Hamster”, and “Battle B-Daman”. Yep. Best times. Before going off to kindergarten, elementary school and mid high school. It left YTV as I gave up watching some programs I hated.

The way I look it, it was my way of life when I was in a kindergarten as I look how young I am as I was to these kids. I was to be careful in the way of life and watch anything out there in media, that I dislike.

Now, it’s a song to remember. I gave up listening to that song, but it’s good to see it again since YTV got worse. Not the music video, but the way people listen to it. Hockey games and ball games.

YTV sure did had great cartoon shows in the past than there is today.

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