Oct 21, 2015, 4:29pm, Back to the Future date

At this date and actual time, in time and film history in this moment, this is when Marty, Jennifer and Doc have came into the future!! Our future in this time and area. Out of 1885, 1955 and 1985, this is the last time date in the “Back to the Future” trilogy to be set for. Those dates were in the first, a bit of the second and everything we know of in the third.

In this actual time date, they are in the far future where flying cars are, and how everything is futuristic. In this date. How there is everything futuristic in the second, but nothing has happened like that today. That future showed on how some parts need to be changed before they happened. Like when Marty needed to save his future son from Griff, his girlfriend from his future family and how he bought the almanac. Then came the old man Biff who took the almanac and changed his future to the alternate 1985. Before that, his son Griff got arrested, as the future Marty McFly got terminated after scanning his work. The Japanese boss was cool. Ito T. Fujitsu played by James Ishida. He gave him the “You’re Fired!!!” papers as Jennifer fainted when she saw her future self.

This was in the first few minutes of the second part as this is the last time date. This was mentioned in the third as everything was erased.

Stuff like power laces boots, skin faces, automatic trashcans, power up metal bats, hover boards, odd Pepsi drinks, Pit Bull’s, Pizza Hut pizza’s that grow in a few seconds, things that can make you upside down, dog walking without you doing it, a TV that can make you watch as many channels as you can watch, pay phones, newspaper drones, jackets that can make you dry again with the voice of Stephen Hawking, thumb scanning that can make you enter in your home, a 3D movie on Jaws, funky clothes, garden for foods, glasses for phone calls and so much more they showed in the future. Just as long as they would show in our future. They did show a few things from the 80’s like the book and a arcade game. And some 80’s music like “Beat It” with Michael Jackson. Nothing like that has happened today, but it will soon. This is a historic moment anyway. If only Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, and Thomas F. Wilson would come here right now. Along with that actress who played Jennifer. Maybe in the Delorean.

It would be cool to live in a future like that today.

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