Virus outbreak sample clip

Like what I’ve written about movies that show virus outbreaks that lead to post-apocalypses, on zombies, vampirism and a plague, this is a sample video clip from the movie, “The Omega Man”. With Charlton Heston. This shows how a virus would begin to strike a major city as people started to fall ill and begin to die. Some to die instantly and others mutated. To the monsters we know of. This happened in “Fear the Walking Dead”, the entire first full season as it can get worse to total shitstorm. Jesse Eisenberg as a survivor in “Zombieland” saw all that as he knew what to safe on. Woody Harrelson however had a killing business as he loved killing the infected. Like what he said, “Buisness is good”. 

To all this outbreaks, martial law, civil unrest, and a economic collapse, all this can destroy humanity as it was the same stuff for what happened in other movies, as well in the reboot series of “Planet of the Apes”. 

Since the National Guard fought hard against the infected and the walking dead, they became worse as more and more walkers kept on coming. Many of them including SWAT teams try to stop them, but more kept on coming and none would prevail. 

The way that happens, it’s like “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” as more would keep on coming and kill every trooper there is. Unless they need a miracle. 

As in this video clip, the news reporter did a great job in this before he died, as it showed how you would definitely get away from all this and get yourself immune. 

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