A Trip to the Moon- The first motion picture in film history


10/10 stars on a movie like this. Thanks to the Ottawa Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, “Salty’s Lighthouse” the cartoon show, and “Hugo”, this was the very first motion picture ever to be created in film history.

It started in 1900, Paris France as Georges Méliès was an illusionist, as he wanted to create something. When he was inspired by “From the Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells “First Men in the Moon”, he had the idea that could change the world. The first movie to be filmed in history.

They say in the prehistoric ages, when man walked across the Earth and killed the last dinosaur, that man didn’t know he invented the first chase. And how he invented the second chase. And when man catch women, and women catch men. And all that went into the “Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie”. Finally that showed how motion pictures began when Bugs showed how cavemen look at the paintings on the walls.

As this began in motion picture history, this was all about how men should travel from the earth to the moon. By making a giant canister with enough men on board, they were to ride in it as it will transport them to the moon. With women pushing them into the cannon, and firing it, the shell was in space. Then came the most famous scene in motion picture history as when the moon got closer and closer, it had a face as it crashed landed on the eye of the moon. That must’ve hurt for him, the moon did.

Like “First Men in the Moon”, they were inside the moon as they ran into creatures on a paradise that no one has seen before. They were lucky they were alive, as the air both on the moon and inside, was breathable. People thought of the moon and space travel, as they realize their is no air in space. You’d be dead anyway.

By falling off the cliff of the moon, they came back down to Earth and made a splashdown. They were pulled in by a tugboat to shore and that was it. And from that moment forward, that was to change everything. After Georges created more motion pictures, he was to stop for a while when the French army was plunged into WWI. By the time the author of “Hugo” was inspired by this, that author wrote the book as it showed how happy Georges can be after that. Even in that movie for what showed. Georges had a automaton in that, as it was an android like doll sitting on a desk as it was to draw something. And it did. The moon shot of that historical movie in film history.

From that generation forward, many makers created motion pictures. Silent movies at first as they began talkie movies. Black and white talkies, as then came colored motion pictures, and everything we see. This was how it all began. Even when the moon can still have an eye shot.

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