Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2

For 120 years in Transylvania after for what happened long ago to Dracula’s wife, murdered by hatred people, Dracula and her daughter, Mavis have been together since Dracula opened up a place for monsters, for where no human can harm them. A hotel like castle for all monsters to stay. And every monster we know of are there. 

The giant octopus from “It Came From Beneath the Sea”, zombies, a green blob, Bigfoot, a family of wolves, a green pumpkin head, fly people, bug people, Quasimodo as a chef with Esmerelda as a rat, goblins, little vampire kids, mummies, Frankenstein monster and his wife, an invisible man, witches, spiders, living sponges, ghost knights, skeletons, fleas, and much more that you see on monsters. 

When Mavis was 118 years old as a teenager, the hotel had a human intruder. A dude who wanted to see things named Jonathan. Both fell in love as Dracula faced everything. By the time the monsters knew this, the dude apologized as he wanted to leave. But he didn’t. He just fell in love with Dracula’s daughter. 

Since for what happened 120 years ago, humans have forgot all about their hatred with monsters and moved on. The place they lived was cut off, like if they can see no one else in the world except them. And they really loved them. The humans starting to love the monsters as they got into human technology today. Like for how they should never hate again.

After all that, they were married. Jonathan and Mavis. A human dude married a vampire girl. A year later, Mavis became pregnant. You can tell for how big she was when she was a bat and herself. They had a human baby for 5 years as they wanted to be sure if he was gonna be a human or a vampire. 

Dracula, Frankenstein monster, wolf guy, green blob, and the invisible man did everything they can when they celebrated the boys 5th birthday. A special guest came there and made the right choices. Vlad Dracula. Dracula’s dad and Mavis’ grandpa. Things changed in the end, as everyone loved the end. 

In this, are Adam Sandler as Dracula, Selena Gomez as Mavis, Andy Samberg as Jonathan, David Spade as the invisible man, Kevin James as Frankenstein monster, Fran Drescher as his wife, Steve Buscemi as the wolf guy, Molly Shannon as his pregnant wolf wife, Jon Lovitz as Chef Quasimodo, Ceelo Green and Keegan-Michael Key as the mummy, and Mel ‘Blazing Saddles’ Brooks as Vlad Dracula. 

Mel Brooks took the opportunity to play Vlad Dracula since he directed “Young Frankenstein” and was Van Helsing in “Dracula: Dead and Loving It”. It reminded him of this as he volunteered. 

Both the first movie and the second, I rate 9/10 stars. They can have dumb parts I hate, but really hilarious scenes. In fact, Anne Bancroft would be proud of Mel right now, before he could go see her. 

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  1. Wanda

     /  October 15, 2015

    Thank you for this review, Owen. I am looking forward to seeing Hotel Transylvania 2 as I really enjoyed the first one. I found it quite funny.

    • I’m pretty sure you’ll love the second movie, as well as the first one. It may have some dumb parts, but it’s funny. Even Mel Brooks plays as Vlad Dracula. His wife, Anne Bancroft would be proud of him.


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