Black Sheep

In one of Chris Farley’s movie’s with David Spade as his partner, they were with Tim Matheson in a election movie, before the movie, “The Campaign”. In this movie I saw, he was to help his brother to be governor along with a friend who was gonna help him. This was one of Tim Matheson’s later movies since you should’ve seen how young he was in “To Be Or Not To Be”.

As they go around town, chased by dogs, playing football games, schemes and more, they ended up renting a cabin in the woods for a while until they would make a plan. The cabin they were in was so old, after a boulder hit the house and pushed it, it’ll be like if that house was all wonky. Then came weather problems. The wind blew away the roof as hail came coming down hard. Both bunk beds for where they slept, broke as they slept together.

Luckily, they saved everything as there can be more Chris Farley funny scenes, since they mentioned him, he was a SNL star.

This was interesting, but did had bad scenes I hate.

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