Hybrid vampire/human babies

From “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” to “Hotel Transylvania 2”, these can show what can happen when one falls in love with a vampire, as they get a hybrid baby. Half human, half vampire. It’s true of course. Like “Inuyasha” for example, a woman falls in love with a demon man as she gets a hybrid son. Mostly demon, but friendly. Not Inuyasha and Kagome, but something else for an example. 

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Andy Samberg as Jonathan are humans as they were normal when their lives changed. Selma Gomez as Mavis and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen are vampires as love began to struck. 

Bella loved Edward as they got married as their baby was a threat to the wolf tribe. Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner wanted to stop this. When she gave birth to a vampire baby, she lost all of her blood as she died of childbirth. She was resurrected by Edward as she was given vampire blood. That was when she became a vampire. One of those bad ideas no one, would ever matter. Never marry a vampire man. 

Jonathan and Mavis in “Hotel Transylvania” 1 & 2, showed how they met, had a zing together as they fell in love. Mavis cared for Jonathan as she married him. Like Bella on the opposite side, only within human blood, was given birth to a baby human boy. Dracula trained him, but never did. Or did he? Can’t be a spoiler alert. 

Love always happens in vampire stories as long no one would become one. Or even give birth to a hybrid baby. Either a vampire or a human. 

The way you look at Mavis and Bella pregnant, their stomachs are so big, as it’s like a baby alien inside their wombs, ready to explode. Like the baby aliens you see from the “Alien” franchise. 

In my imagination, in a inspiration, like “Alien 3”, they are like that, pregant as their baby hybrids are about to burst from their stomachs. They would make a sacrifice, as guys like Andy Samberg, Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner would sacrifice themselves, for protecting them in those final moments. They would die for that, as they die too. 

Same thing like that movie, they would fall backwards in the furnace as their hybrid babies burst open from their stomachs, screeching like baby aliens. They would hold onto theirs until they are cremated.

It maybe terrible, but it’s an inspiration on what I imagine of after seeing “Alien 3”. So if your boyfriend of girlfriend is a vampire, don’t even think about making love and giving birth to a hybrid baby. Either human or vampire. 

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