In Greek history that had ever been told throughout the centuries, there have been many wars imperial Greece had fought. Some for land, some for power and some for what they love.

Brad Pitt played as Achillies as he lead Greeks go to war against the city of Troy. It was ignited when Helen of Sparta fell in love with Paris, played by Orlando Bloom as she became known as Helen of Troy. She did not loved Greece, as she began to love Paris. Hector, his brother played by Eric Bana really was disappointed for what Paris had done as they have to keep away from Greece.

Many warships came on the beaches of Troy as the Trojan War began. It was one of the big films in history, that they ever did with special effects and digital effects. Achillies was a warrior he couldn’t be killed, until after killing Hector, Paris had his revenge on killing him, by shooting an arrow, right through his heel. By shooting four more arrows, he was dead.

There was Sean Bean as Odysseus who had the idea of the gigantic wooden horse, as Peter O’Toole was the king of Troy, Nigel Terry as a Trojan priest, and Brian Cox as Agamemnon. For a moment, I thought Nigel Terry was the king of Troy, but I was surprised to see him as a priest.

The Trojan horse that they did, was made out of their warships, as well as the one back then. They have made it out of wood by chopping trees down close to a nearby forest. It was well carved, well done, as it took a lot of effort to do something like that. This was interesting when I was in high school as I give it 10/10 stars.

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