Hellboy & Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Based on the famous comic book, not Marvel or DC, this tells about Hellboy. A devil demon who lives like a man on Earth as he fights evil against monsters in a monster organization. In 1944, mad scientists off the coast of Scotland created a portal that could lead demons from hell into our world. Allied troops stopped it, as some died, while a few escaped. Hellboy as a baby devil demon was the only one to make it through, as a wise scientist adopted him.

For years, he was a monster crime fighter. He loves cats, TV, candy bars, beer, and loves to make fun. He was played by Ron Perlman, as he did great in both movies. Instead of his horns, he broke them off as he preferred to not have them. He used a big pistol to shoot, as he even owns a big shotgun barreled weapon.

With a girl who has flames as powers, and a blue fish man who loves music and rotten eggs, they take on crime. In the first movie, since they know their origins and birthrights, they saved the Earth before hell could break loose for what happened in 1944.

In the sequel that was better, that was when they took on something big. From the dawn of time, man and elf were at war against each other, until a goblin blacksmith built the king elf, a golden mechanical army. 24 carat, indestructible, 70 times, 70 soldiers. All mechanical, not artificial. Bigger than robots and cyborgs, and all machine, these mechanical monsters can fill the sky with darkness as they killed human warriors, one by one. A magical crown was forged to those who wear it, control the golden army. When they killed innocent lives, families, infants and women, they couldn’t take it anymore. War was no more, as the crown was divided into three pieces. One for the humans, and two for the elf king. His son, did not like that as he returned later when his people needed the most as the golden army was locked inside the Earth.

When the elf son returned, he declared war with the creatures he trusted with, as he was to find the three pieces of the crown, so he can control the golden army. Hellboy and his friends, faced everything they did, until then came the end.

His father was played by John Hurt as he lived throughout the first movie, until he was seen in a flashback in the second. For his friends that he trusted with, his fish man was played by Doug Jones, as the flaming girl was played by Selma Blair, as a gas man was voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

By killing that son, as the flaming girl melted the crown, the golden army was deactivated and never seen again. They quit the job in the end and never returned. Both I rate are 7/10 stars. Epic with mayhem.

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