Winner of 8 Academy Awards including Best Picture in 1984, this hit movie tells the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Saleri, the composer knew this piano expert as he wanted to play good music. For it was the same as Mozart. He is even so good with the piano, he’s like a god. He’s even a funny comedian as he wants fun and love when all the women in Vienna love him. He does fart really loud, and be really smelly.

“Go on! Mock me, laugh!”

They did a sketch on “Family Guy” as it was hilarious as that. Stewie was like him, playing the piano and how he farts really loud. He plays the piano and works on music so good, he loves his work as he wants to change music forever. That was when he did his masterpieces on “The Marraige of Figaro” and “The Magic Flute”.

Mozart can get drunk, and make misunderstood music. Which is why he can go insane and nuts, as they don’t like him. He got ill one night at the opera, and was sent back to his apartment. Saleri and Mozart worked together wonderfully. Unfortunately, like for what happened to the real Mozart, he died of an illness with his eyes open. The same was like that for William Pitt and William Weberforce years later. He was buried and covered with lime.

Saleri as an old man wanted to commit suicide be slicing his throat. Unfortunately, he was injured as he was sent to an insane asylum. A priest came to help him as he told the whole story in front of him. And he couldn’t believe him for what he said. He heard one last laughter of Mozart and that was the entire story.

F. Murray Abraham won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in this movie so, 7/10 stars on this. 

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