Cybersix (TV show)

This happened on Teletoon, a long time ago that I saw with my own eyes. Just like the rest.

Based on a Argentinian comic as it became an animated TV series, a mad scientist who served his life in WWII as a SS scientist in concentration camps, began to be an expert in genetic engineering. He had been implanting cybernetic organs in dead prisoners. Also some, he can bring back to life for Hitler’s army. When the Allies defeated Germany, he fled to South America. And began creating his own creations. Mutated monsters, creatures and animals. He even kept some in tubes with green water, as they are changing.

When two boys died in a cliff accident, he transferred one of the boy’s brain in the body of a black panther, as the other was mutated into a woman. She fled as was in disguised as a male teacher at a local high school in a seaside city.

By day, that Cybersix is a male teacher, and by night, a woman wearing a black floppy hat, wearing black velvet clothes and a black and red long cape. As she stays away from the mad scientist’s creations. With his son, Jose, his mutated men, and bad guys who work him, they tried everything to get her.

With a mutated blob, a giant octopus, blue birds and many birds, a mutated bird, a giant eyeball, a super drill, flying sound wave goblins, brainwashing technology, a female werewolf, a cybornetic circus, a invisible mutant, and a mutant monster island with a bomb, she and her black panther friend did it all, with the help of some friends. A private eye, a homeless boy and mostly a teacher.

As the scientist died and his creatures blew out of the green water tubes, in the end of the series, and all was safe again, as Jose was up to his tricks again. They both made it out, as it was the end.

I remember watching this on Teletoon at night as it was the best remarkable time of my life at night. Now these days, people like me miss these days. However, I watched the entire series from a DVD I borrowed from the library. That, made me smile again. And the best part? I just ever wonder if anyone gets to keep a black panther like that.

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