Dav Pilkey and Captain Underpants

Out of all the pre-animators and illustrators, animators and authors that went through university and college, they were the same as they faced hard work and all that.

Amy Tan, author of “Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat” was inspired by Siamese cats as she wrote her story, as then came a TV series. That was a okay for her as she accepted a TV series. Her illustrations were great, as the TV show was amazing.

R.L. Stine, the way he wrote stories, he wrote them on an old typewriter as he wrote the “Goosebumps” stories. The same as “Rotten School” and the rest of his works. Had to face university to be an author, as he loved the illustrations he did on each cover of his story. As a TV series came, that was worse. But what was better, was that Jack Black portrayed him in the actual “Goosebumps” movie.

Each author and illustration for the way they create are the same. Especially one, who was a little bit different. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Dav Pilkey is the creator of “Captain Underpants”, “The Dumb Bunnies”, “Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot”, “Dragon” and other works he did.

In elementary school, he was diagnosed with (and still suffers from) ADHD and dyslexia. With his bad behaviour and cannot read, he was forced to sit in a chair with his desk at the classroom door in the school hallway as he created “Captain Underpants”.

Dav Pilkey went through university has he became a children’s author and illustrator.

By the late 90’s, he wrote all of his works. Everyone loved “Captain Underpants” as “The Dumb Bunnies” and “Dragon” became TV shows. “Dragon” on Treehouse TV, as “The Dumb Bunnies” was on YTV a long time ago. Before YTV became worse today, with its shows.

It took him many years to make novels series. He took a break for 6 long years when his father was ill. After that, he continued and was back on track. He does still suffer those problems within him.

When everyone thought of his series of “Captain Underpants”, they thought when will it ever end. Until it did. From September 1997 to August 2015, he did all 12 books of the entire saga and made spin offs about them. It was about how two boys, who turned their mean principal into a superhero with hypno powers. After saving the world a few times, they went into a problem as they had to get back to their own time. In the 12th and final novel, it was all over as the principal lost all that, as Captain Underpants was no more.

All good series must come to an end as always. Before that series ended, a music video was shown about how Captain Underpants can be. Even on this post. Everyone loved that, as they think of that funny. I remember watching this, as I imagine Dudley from “T.U.F.F. Puppy” being hypnotized by listening to this song. He’d be a woodpecker, a pirate, and Captain Underpants if he was listening to this, and going crazy. That way, he get fired.

So this can be okay for kids to watch this, as well as they love it.

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