True Story

There have been current events in newspapers as they need to be true stories. Make up stories you can imagine, or how you make them into movies pretty well as long as you’re not like Steve Jobs. But working for a newspaper company, you have to be sure they are proofread, and accurate.

Jonah Hill played as a journalist got fired from the New York Times, as he had one good chance on doing a good story than just his fake stories. When a man murdered his wife and three kids, he got framed and was taken to prison. James Franco played as that man. The journalist had many interviews with him, as they were related on writing, and all that stuff. Just to be sure no one would lie.

They were in court three times, as the prisoner was sent to death sentence after for what he did in that murder. However, things have changed after that. The journalist wrote his book as he never worked for the New York Times again. The prisoner was still in prison as he was sentenced to his entire life in prison. Every Sunday, they still meet.

For a true story, 10/10 stars. What was really interesting was how the prisoner was wearing orange clothes as an inmate. Just like these Minimates figures that are totally interesting.








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