Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy- Mad Max

In Mel Gibson’s early life as an actor, he was known for a trilogy he did that started in the 70’s and was later a bit in the 80’s and 90’s. From 1979, to 1981 and 1985, he was Mad Max. A road warrior who always gets mad. Riding in the streets as a police officer with his friends in Australia, he takes on crime as mad as he gets. Even when he uses his ultimate weapon. A double sided shotgun.

In “Mad Max” that started in 1979, it was the future of tomorrow when this took place in Australia. In movies back then, they actually did live stunts. Max before he became ‘Mad Max’ was a brave police officer as he and his friends took on crime. And they did grand in that.

However, things start to change on he became the road warrior, as he became “Mad Max”. All the future stuff lead to an apocalypse in Australia. When a nuclear holocaust struck, missiles struck Australia as all life on that continent, was all gone. The people survived, but went into a hellhole.

That was when he became Mad Max, the road warrior. After his wife and kids died, he was all alone as he took on bikers in the streets. Killing them when they go rogue. And all that happened in “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”. As well as hell was when he was in “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome”. He took on a thunder dome tournament as he killed many enemies in that.

Unfortunately, he never played as Mad Max again. Mel Gibson went on to do other movies, he was mostly interested. 20 years later, Tom Hardy took in role as Mad Max, as the legend returned in the fourth installment. “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Cannibals broke loose since it had been 30 years after that. Mad Max was taken by them, as he joined a resistance on a tanker truck. There was a one armed woman and five brides. With enough ammo, and supplies needed, they were to find a green place. When they passed that place, it was mucky, gross and all gone. With enough people joining them, including a skull guy played by Nicolas Hoult, they were to take back their world.

I thought they were to get to a beach, so they can find a ship, swim across the ocean and find a new world, but they don’t know how far the desert is. All was nothing but sand, dunes, the hot sky and the boiling sun. They just don’t know hoe far it is, or if they ever wanted to see the ocean.

When they returned, and lost a few people along the way, they retaliated as they freed all people around. Mad Max went on his own way, and that was the end of the fourth installment. He’s still out there in that apocalyptic continent. When will he ever return to end a franchise like this?

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